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The Twitch Android client looks great, but it needs more features

Twitch Interactive, Inc. |
updated on November 29, 2023
Download APK
133.4mb | free


Simple to use
Managing your recommendations and discovering content is easy
Seamless video streaming and colorful chat
Easy access to chats, notifications, and saved content


No fullscreen option, the chat is always visible
Things like channel info and rewards pop up in "fullscreen" mode, further decreasing the video size
No streaming option for screen sharing
Price: $
Streaming gaming content has been popular for a while now. Gamers watch it to learn new skills, check out trending games, and see their favorite streamers due to their engaging content. Twitch has been the platform of choice by the most famous streamers so let's check out its Android client!

Twitch for Android is simple and elegant. It's divided into four tabs accessed from the bottom. The Following tab displays content from your followed channels and categories. In the Discover tab, you can check out some live channels you might like. The Browse tab allows you to manually search for content, and the Esports tab lets you access current live matches.

Functionality-wise, the Android client has everything you might need. Viewing a stream feels natural, but there are too many side distractions while watching a stream. For instance, you can't expand the video to full-screen because the chat is always on the right side. Sometimes, after you click certain options, other things appear on the screen, further shrinking the actual video. Besides these problems, the app looks great with a colorful chat and seamless video. During minimization, videos pop up in the corner for easy returns.

Many users were disappointed to see that the Android Twitch app doesn't allow game streaming. Sure, you can stream camera and microphone but it's only useful for vloggers, not for gamers. You get your own chatroom if you decide to stream, along with video history. The app works well and it's a great replacement for using the web version. However, it will remain incomplete until they add the option to stream the contents of your screen.
Reviewed by (editor rating 4.5 out of 5 stars)

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